Project: Orakel Print Tool


One of the first projects I've worked on, and which has been launched for quite some time, is the Orakel Print Tool.

Orakel logo

The client, Orakel, delivers a wide range of identification products including personalized wristbands, tokens, lanyards, numbers bibs and coupons. They contacted me to automate and streamline the ordering of coupons.

The coupons are available in different shapes and colors and the customer has the possibility to personalize the coupon with his own text and logo. For the first part of the project a web application was built where customers could configure, personalize and order their coupons.

Take a look how an order is placed:

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A preview is generated online to give the customer a clear view of what the final result will look like.

To further automate the process, a batch application was created which runs every night and fetches and generates the approved orders. The necessary PDF files will be generated to be printed in the morning. An Orakel employee used to create the PDF files manually in Illustrator, so this resulted in significant time savings.

You can try out the result for yourself: order personalised coupons online.

This is what the people of Orakel had to say about the project:

We are very happy with the Print Tool. It's user-friendly and saves us a lot of work in production - An Dries, Marketing Manager Orakel

Used technologies: ASP.Net, JavaScript, prototype & scriptaculous, CSS, SQL Server, ABCPDF