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Improve Visual Studio Performance By Disabling Automatic File Restore


This excellent tip comes from my coworker Konstantin. If you have a Visual Studio solution that has a lot of projects and is slow you can speed up Visual Studio by disabling automatic file restore. To disable automatic file restore open Tools > Options in Visual Studio, select Projects and Solutions > General and deselect Reopen documents on solution load.

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Not another NDepend review, link roundup


I had the chance to try out NDepend, thanks to Patrick. After playing around with it I was pretty impressed and started writing a review of it. Out of curiosity I googled around a bit and found that there are already a lot of good reviews about it. I didn’t want to do just another review so instead I was thinking of creating a round up of all the blog posts out there that give more information about one or more features of the product. And which I used to get up to speed.

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