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My learning goals for 2017


Each year I try to set some goals for myself to keep improving my skills. At the end of the year it's fun to reflect on the goals I've reached and at the same time confronting because of the goals I didn't complete. This year, although it's already April, I want to do it a little different. To be able to better evaluate what I want to learn this year I decided to write it all down so I could evaluate my progress better. And by making it public there'll be a bit more pressure to actually completing the goals I set.

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Continuous education, Hanselminutes show #187


It has been quiet on this blog lately but I’ve been very busy with work. Between my busy schedule I’ve been trying to keep up on the technology front by listening to different podcasts. Although the quality of a lot of podcasts is highly dependant on the guest that is starring in that week’s episode, Scott Hanselman has been able to keep me interested all the time. Even for topics in which I’m not 100% interested in. If you’re not listening to his podcast you should subscribe right now.

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