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Book review: jQuery in Action


started reading this book about 6 months ago. After reading it half way through I stopped and start reading a newly purchased book. The reason that I stopped reading was because I was excited and impatient to start reading the new book, it’s a problem I have every time I purchase a new book. After finishing some books I realized that jQuery in Action was still lying around, and because the new project I’m working on depends heavily on jQuery, I decided to pick up the book where I left off and finish it.

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Sequentially download multiple files (with jQuery)


Unfortunately the images to this post were lost during the migration from Blogengine.Net to WordPress

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Why learning CSS is important in a (web) development world


I notice that a lot of development effort is going into creating a nice back end. Creating a GUI is a matter of using the designer – better known as system.draggy-droppy – and setting the right colors via the properties panel. But lately a shift has happened which forces developers to learn about CSS.

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