Creating an iOS 14 widget showing health data


With iOS 14 Apple introduced a neat new feature: widgets. I've been running the beta for some weeks now and love them. So let's see how hard it is to create one ourself.

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Manipulating an Excel file with Python


It's one of those things that sound easy but hardly are. There are a lot of libraries and solutions out there that enable you to manipulate Excel files via code. Some of them are expensive, other are open source.

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Installing a node.js application as a Windows service


It wasn't my intention when I started the first article but this has become a series of how to run node applications in production with IIS on Windows. These are the previous articles on the topic:

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Using HTTP platform handler to host a node.js application via IIS


About a year ago I wrote about hosting a Node.js application via IIS. It uses IIS as a reversed proxy to route traffic from IIS to the node.js webserver. To manage the node.js process pm2 was used. Unfortunately I had some problems restarting the pm2 process when the server restarted. This meant downtime everytime the server was restarted until I manually resurrected pm2.

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Connecting to a Microsoft SQL Server database on macOS using Python


There are always situations where I want to automate small tasks. I like using Python for these kind of things, you can quickly get something working without much hassle. I needed to perform some database changes in a Microsoft SQL Server database and wanted to connect to it using Python. On Windows this is usually pretty straight forward. But I use macOS as my main operating system and I had some hurdles along the way so here is a quick how to.

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Things I wish I knew before I got started with CosmosDB


Lately I've been working on a project using Cosmos DB on Azure. I really like the simplicity of a document DB. However there were some things I learned while on the job which I wished somebody told me before starting with it.

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Testing request permissions in an Android application


While working on an Android application I wanted to test permission requests. This application needed the location permission, typically this is code that is written once and when it is marked as done never looked at again. I wanted to create some UI tests to ensure that everything works and will still work in the future as expected.

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Using the Digispark as a cheap USB Rubber Ducky


Disclaimer: This post is for fun, learning and experimenting. Use these tools wisely, in no way am I encouraging malicious use of them.

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Hosting a Node.js application on Windows with IIS as reverse proxy


Unfortunately a lot of companies are still stuck with Windows servers. Nobody ever got fired for choosing Microsoft, right. As a developer this can be frustrating because choosing a server technology is usually limited to ASP.Net. I have experimented with hosting Node.js applications on a Windows server by using iisnode. But it is a pain to get up and running, setting the correct permissions is a time consuming chore. Microsoft has taken control of the development of the project but I get the feeling it's not very active any more. There are several Stackoverflow questions where people just give up configuring it.

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Configuring aliases in iTerm on Mac and Cmder on Windowsin Parallels


Aliases are a handy way to quickly execute certain commands in the terminal on Mac and in the command prompt on Windows. I recently read this post about git aliases which nicely demonstrates what is possible, it focuses on git commands but it can be done for any type of command.

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