Austin and Kaizenconf Part 2


Using and abusing ASP.NET MVC for fun and profit

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Austin and Kaizenconf Part 1 – workshops


Unfortunately the images to this post were lost during the migration from Blogengine.Net to WordPress

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Creating a menu for your ASP.NET MVC website using HTML helpers


I've been working with ASP.NET MVC for a few months and it has been quite a ride. I'm working on a website where the menu is loaded from the database. It should be rendered as an unsorted list and a CSS class should be added to the active item. Here is an example of the menu:

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Descriptive names versus abbreviations for UI elements


I have been using abbreviations for UI elements for a long time. I think most developers have and still do. When you declare a button which will give the user the possibility to log on, it will be called: btnLogOn (or something similar). At first I wasn’t really thinking this through and automatically started the name of a dropdownlist with ddl, of a label with lbl etc... One day I was programming in Visual Studio, I was creating a trivial user interface, and I typed something like this:

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Aggiorno, the Italian colleague you’ve always wanted


Ever had someone come to your desk and saying: I have a little project for you, you should change something in our state of the art web application. After agreeing you would do the changes, you open up the solution and you see that the state of the art application is built using HTML spaghetti. At that moment you wished you had a) a gun or b) some guy on your team that loves monkey work and cleans all the code for you. Someone who gets a kick out refactoring FONT-tags to CSS an making the indentation perfect. Let’s be honest, if the guy exists he’s probably playing chess with Yoda in a galaxy far, far away.

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Brazilian waxing, choosing a JavaScript framework and why I don’t like ASP.NET AJAX


Let me first clarify something. As Jan pointed out I am into Brazilian waxing but please, all you pervert guys stop sending me emails with questions about the subject!

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Building accessible web forms with ASP.NET


First of all, let me welcome you to my brand new blog. It will serve as a personal reference and a way to (hopefully) become a better software developer by researching and writing about technology. And don't forget if you liked the article, subscribe to the RSS. It's free and saves you time!

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Before I sign, can I see your codebase?


Changing employers is always a hard decision to make. Whatever the reason is you found that new opportunity that caught your attention: money, fame, need for a new challenge. There are plenty of jobs in the sea, certainly as a developer, and it’s hard to find that one true job. You don’t want to end up in a job which has the same drawbacks as your previous gig. If you take the leap you want it to be worthwhile on all areas: financial, job satisfaction, etc. Although the financial aspect is an important part of the decision making it’s not the holy grail. For me even more important is job satisfaction. In every job interview they’re telling you they have state of the art ASP.Net Turbo 3000 code running on their Windows 2099 machines. But as we all know there is code and there is code.

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