Using spark as a html/text rendering engine


I can't remember a project which I worked on that didn't have a requirement which included sending out emails. Most of the time the templates that are needed for these emails are so small that a simple text file with some wildcards does the trick. It does the trick but nothing more. It's hardly an elegant solution and there is no support to loop through elements or do any other complicated stuff. I wanted a better, broader solution so I started to look around for usable libraries. I have been hearing a lot of good things of the Spark View Engine and wondered if it was possible to use it to generate html from a given template.

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A Kindle DX or an iPad?


I love reading technical books, more than blog posts. They give you a better and deep insight in the matter you're reading about. The big problem is that, at best, these books are relevant for a few years and then can be thrown out. In January of this year Amazon released the Kindle DX with global wireless. Since then I've been looking out for the eReader that would best fit my needs. Based on the review by Scott Hanselman and some other internet resources I had set myself to let Amazon fly over my very own Kindle DX to Belgium.

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Book review: Getting Real by 37 Signals


If you're sick of reading book reviews, I'll give you the short version. If you are a project manager, designer, developer, entrepreneur or business analyst who is involved in creating a (web) application read this book. It's awesome.

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Project: Orakel Print Tool


One of the first projects I've worked on, and which has been launched for quite some time, is the Orakel Print Tool.

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Permission to access webcam not asked by Silverlight 4 beta on load of page


I was playing around with the Silverlight 4 beta and was trying to get my webcam working by following this article. Although the code to achieve this is very simple, the webcam did not work in my *.aspx page which contains my Silverlight component. I googled and stackoverflowed around but didn't find anyone with the same problem as I had. When the page loaded, I just saw an empty rectangle and Silverlight did not ask for permission to access my webcam like it should.

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An alternative to editing JavaScript in Visual Studio: RubyMine


Unfortunately the images to this post were lost during the migration from Blogengine.Net to WordPress

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Not another NDepend review, link roundup


I had the chance to try out NDepend, thanks to Patrick. After playing around with it I was pretty impressed and started writing a review of it. Out of curiosity I googled around a bit and found that there are already a lot of good reviews about it. I didn’t want to do just another review so instead I was thinking of creating a round up of all the blog posts out there that give more information about one or more features of the product. And which I used to get up to speed.

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Continuous education, Hanselminutes show #187


It has been quiet on this blog lately but I’ve been very busy with work. Between my busy schedule I’ve been trying to keep up on the technology front by listening to different podcasts. Although the quality of a lot of podcasts is highly dependant on the guest that is starring in that week’s episode, Scott Hanselman has been able to keep me interested all the time. Even for topics in which I’m not 100% interested in. If you’re not listening to his podcast you should subscribe right now.

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Visual Studio Redesign: lose the designers, add a command prompt?


There has been a clear shift in the way I use Visual Studio lately. Visual studio has a lot of built-in panels to help you develop the next killer application. There are a lot of panels I hardly ever use. Most of my time I spend, not quite surprising, in the text editor editing code. As for the other panels I may be using about 10% of all available options. Windows like the Server Explorer, Document Outline, Object Browser, I don’t think I ever opened them while developing. And I didn’t even mention the designers yet. I am a full-time web developer but I never open the HTML designer.

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Compressing and combining files with JavaScriptMVC


Unfortunately the images to this post were lost during the migration from Blogengine.Net to WordPress

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